Linetype scaling

Linetypes scaling was always a issue in every Rhino. I was hoping this would be updated in the newer version, but that didn’t happened. Linetypes are 95% at least, used in constructional 2D drawings. That drawings are created to print out and give to construction team for a project. So Linetypes should be much more important in Layouts and not in the Viewports. When the command “SetLinetypeScale” is finished and the scale is changed, the Linetype is changed only in Viewport and in the Layout the Linetype is left as before. Now, there is an option, creating your own Linetype in Options > Linetypes. But this is not an ideal way to do it. Rhino should have that option.

Hi Djordje -

I’m not seeing that here.
Could you provide a file that demonstrates the issue?