Linking the version in GH_AssemblyInfo and Properties/AssemblyInfo

After viewing many posts in the forum, I’m still confused about the versioning of building GH plugins.

To make things short, there’re two places where you can set the version of the plugin:
1. Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs
[assembly: AssemblyVersion("0.2.*")]

2. derived GH_AssemblyInfo

    public class igmInfo : GH_AssemblyInfo{
        public override string Version => "0.2.0";

After experimenting, things I’ve found out:

  1. option 2 controls the version info when using yak to publish plugins.
  2. option 1 controls the version in the generated .dll file that together with the .gha file,
  3. option 1 is also used when the plugin is not installed and you try to open a GH file with components from the plugin, and Grasshopper shows a warning dialog listing the components missing.

So my question is, is there a way to combine the two and only change the version once every time I make upgrades?