Linking edits to curves and extrusions

I’m a complete newbie to Rhino, so apologize if this question is a bit silly- I just haven’t been able to find anything about it.

When you extrude geometry from a curve, it makes the curve and the extrusion two separate entities (see screenshot). Is there a way to go back and make edits to the curve that then reflect in the extruded form? For instance, if I extruded a triangular curve, could I go back and add a point to the curve and have it automatically make the extrusion a cube?

If you can’t link the two, is there a regular workflow to use for managing both? I generally put all the curves on their own layer and lock it or hide it, but am not sure why curves would be needed again if they no longer relate to the extruded forms.

Check the history feature of Rhino. The help file will tell you which commands allow history. You can either turn it on to be active all the time or turn it on before starting a command.

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Hello - see Help on using History for the extrusion (and many other operations) - that should do what you’re asking about.


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Rhino’s not a parametric modeler but there are ways to link curves to resulting surfaces/extrusions. In the case you described, click on Record History at the bottom of the interface right before you run the ExtrudeCrv command. The curve will then be the parent of the extrusion it creates. You can also use the Grasshopper plugin to make a node based history of your modeling process. That would be my suggestion if you find you’ll be swapping out profile shapes for extrusions a lot. It’ll be easier than editing the curves directly.

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Thank you- I’ll experiment around with those features!