Linked file material pixelated

Hi there. Apologies if this has been covered before, but I haven’t found anything on the Rhino site, forum or subreddit that answers this.

I’ve been making some chunks of a building as linked blocks and assigning materials as I edit the blocks. When I’m looking in the host file on rendered (and raytraced) mode, most of the materials are heavily pixelated. There’s a beige concrete that shows up properly but the rest are basically unusable.

I thought it might have just been to speed up previews but when I try rendering or printing anything it still shows up like that. Does the material need to be applied in the host file? Any input greatly appreciated.

Hi Nick -
Are those objects far away from the Rhino origin?
If you could post a simple 3dm file, that would be easier to debug than a picture.

Your material’s texture maps may be set to WCS for world coordinate system and have a size set in units that is out of scale for your model or vice versa. Or you may be using Mapping Channel 1 for the textures which looks to the object’s properties and need to increase the repeat values for the textures in the materials. These changes are all made in the specific material’s texture map in the Materials panel.