Linetype display options for surface and polysurface edges [wish]

Will v6 give us the ability to control the linetype display of surfaces and polysurfaces?

It would be so useful to be able to display the edges of some objects as dashed or dotted lines, and have that printable in a vector format.

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Thanks for the suggestion Andrew. I’ve added this as a feature request (RH-22558 / This request is not public at this time). Specifically, the ability to display srf edges with linetype settings in a display mode. In the meantime, I think you can do this now in V5 with the use of DupBorder and a little set up work.

  • ExtractSrf or Explode polysrfs into the desired srfs you wish to display with linetype edge
  • DupBorder to make crvs
  • Adjust linetype on the curves made
  • Print to pdf995 with vector output