Lines perpendicular to points over surface

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I’m asking again your help to find this time a way to generate lines that are perpendicular to surface.

The surfaces is meshed, and each intersection point over the surface becomes the origine point for the perpendicular lines.
I already used the fonction SDivide to get my points over the surface. I am struggling after to create perpendicular lines.
It would be super cool to have some advices.
Thanks in advance!

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Try this

All my gratitude Seghier khlaed! That was indeed as easy as your example shows it :slight_smile: Thanks again!

Hi Seghier khaled,

I might be misleading you with the SDivide function. I realised, that if I want to get specific intersections points between my curves, i had to use the fonction MultipleCurves (MCX). But with it, I can’t find my perpendicular vector. The one that I would need to link to the “D” from the fonction LineSDL.
Any idea how to find it from MCX?

Thanks again for your help sir
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it’s better if you post a definition for better understanding

because direction is Z by default
upload simple definition to get help

I tried to simplify the gh code with a sphere. I made sure to use at the end, the fonction MultipleCurves (MCX) , to get all my intersection points and to be coherant with the example above. I hope it will be easier to find out how to find the perpendicular vector and to use it, instead of the Z vector

Normal vector over surface from (7.3 KB)

Use deconstruct plane for points

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post your definition; i can’t know and to get better help from other users
cases can’t be the same always and solution may differ