Lines on top of lines


here is a dome made out of lines. i want to add 2 lines on top of each line that makes the dome. these lines should be lenght of 16mm from each end. ( the 16mm can also be made adjustable lenght)

here is a picture of what i mean and the rhino file. can someone help ?

dome.3dm (82.9 KB)

this is one way (initial dome-lines are internalized) (18.9 KB)

bro you are awesome!

how can i “superpose” this with my original dome? in other words, what does it mean to internalize?

internalized means the content of the Parameter (in this case the Curve parameter) is not linked to a Rhino Geometry anymore

to relink the gh file to your own dome made of lines in Rhino: open you Rhino file with your dome made of curves → open gh and that gh definition in particular → right click on the leftmost Curve component and choose “Set multiple Curves” → draw a selection window on Rhino around your dome in such a way you select all of them → right click to confirm

from that point on, whatever change you make to your referenced lines in Rhino will be reflected in gh

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