Lines missing after export - DWG

Hallo zusammen,

Wenn ich ein 2D-PLan Exportieren möchte fehlen bei mir Linien. Kann mich Bitte jemand von Euch sagen, was ich Falsch mache? Ich wäre sehr froh um Eure Hilfe. Vielen Dank



My solution process so far… .3dm export to AutoCAD, prepare = done! But is not the best solution (No text, No dashed lines, no hatches, etc…)

Hi Boris -

Could you please export (some of) the curves that are missing in AutoCAD to a new 3dm file and post that file here?

Hello Wim,

Attached is the .3dm file

Boris (121.6 KB)

When you _SelBadObjects, exactly the curves that are missing in the DXF get selected.

If you _Explode and _Join them, they become valid.
I wonder what is bad with the curves?


Thank you Karl,

That is the solution! What exactly the problem was with the lines I unfortunately also do not know…

Thanks again and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hi Boris -
The curves are considered bad because, under the hood, they are defined with small gaps between the segments. We’ll see if we can make it so that these get exported anyway - RH-69019.

On the other hand, it’d be interesting to find out how these got bad.
Is it correct that these curves were created by VisualARQ?

Halo Wim,

Thank you very much for your answer. The curves and lines were created with Rhino tools and not VisualARQ. They were also not derived from a 3D model. Pure 2D drawing… :slight_smile:

I had the problem three times in total in the last 8 years… Possibly a rare formatting error as I draw in country coordinates and then set to xyz 0.00.

In any case, Karl’s solution works wonderfully!

Many greetings

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Hi Boris -

We would like to try to reproduce the creation of bad curves. Do you happen to have those curves at their original country coordinates, or an example of those coordinates? Was that latest file completely created in Rhino 7, or was it created in an earlier version and then further worked on in Rhino 7?
When you say “set to xyz 0.00”, is that using the regular Move command?