Line with definite length

Hi all, I’m not sure how to draw a line with a set length (eg. 5cm). Most of the tutorials online draw random lines with no definite length and I was wondering how to do it because in sketchup, you could type the length of the line and then draw it!

Also, is there a “guideline” function for rhino? :slight_smile:

Hi -

After you have place the start point, just type the length of the line. If you want to use document units, you just type 5. If you are in a document with, e.g., mm as units, you could write 5cm to draw a 5 cm line.

Read about the AddGuide command in the help file.

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If I type in “5” is this for the x axis or the y? Do I need to define it?

Also is there a way to determine the start point of the line? :slight_smile:

Hello - you can click in the viewport or type in points by their x,y,z cplane coordinates directly and world coordinates by pre-pending “w”


But once the start is placed, typing a single number plus Enter constrains the length of the line but not its endpoint location - that is essentially constrained only to a sphere of radius line length until you specify an end point or direction.


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