Line tan from curve goes perp to destination wondering why

Hi, V5
select Line Tangent from Curve command from line tool set,
select circle near ‘A’ select end of line at B and instead it goes to perp on that line partway down it.
Not sure why using LMB fails, it offers RMB and pick a point and that works, but why does the LMB option go perp, just puzzled. better named Tan to perp !

Line tangent from Curve A to B fail insistse on perp at line near B.3dm (125.9 KB)



sorry, but maybe it’s me who didn’t understand what you want

but in RMB the line is only tangent to the circle

while in LMB the line is perpendicular
to the other line and also tangent to the circle

Hi, I wanted tan from circle to end of line and couldnt see why the Tan from circle LMB tool couldnt achieve it, why it has a want to go perp, .

The fix is the offered rmb option but just puzzled why lmb fails. why lmb has a destination that undeclared sees a perp at destination, as one doesnt expect that to be so.


That tool only starts the single segment line FROM a tangent point.
The other end of the line will respect whatever your Persistent Osnaps are set to.

Hi, I turned off all but end and near though.


“Near” will snap to anything. Turn that off!

Where do you want the 2nd point of the single line segment to go?
I can’t tell from your screenshot or description.

Maybe it would make more sense to describe what you’re trying to end up with using your 2 circles, and we can suggest a Command selection and use strategy.

Hi, line tan from circle near ‘A’ and ending at end of line at ‘B’.
I can do it with Line tan to curve RMB giving pick a point for end click.

I was just puzzled why the tool gave a perp line when picking end of the line, rather than allowing me to place the destination at end of line.

as you pick the circle it moves freely around it offering a pick anywhere feel , then insists on perp when picking a line end .

Just puzzled why that freedom of pick that was so apparent suddenly was denied.

When I had no osnap perps selected or having not picked an option in the command line ‘end with perp’

That was all.


I just tested in V5 and the tangent does automatically go perpendicular to the line even if there is no persistent osnap set at all. And if End osnap is set, the ‘hidden’ Perp still overrides it. That looks like it was a bug, the only way to make it snap to the end was to use the “Point” command line option after the tangent pick. This was apparently fixed in V6.

Note that even the current WIP still has the hidden automatic perpendicular snap, but at least now any other persistent osnaps can override it. However, it is still a bit visually confusing, maybe this should be looked at.

The V5 bug above has been fixed in V6 and later… 'nuff said.

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Why not just use R7 if you have it installed?