Line tan from curve fails simple task why?

Circle and a point, draw line tan from circle to the point

select line tan from curve, select circle, and it wants to go sideways only , then it wants to go north only, refuses point blank to go to the point, why ?

Ortho is off Gridsnap off, project is off. Osnaps on are end near and point

all are planar.

I see this has happened before !

I could upload a video but such are not uploadable here and I have yet to work out how best to do so.

Line tan from curve refuses.3dm (25.5 KB)


No need for such. Just, as before, use the Point option to stop Rhino looking for other curves to be tangent to.


Hi Pascal,
Thanks for the reminder, I must find a way of remembering that, maybe a note stuck on the bathroom wall !
Odd that I have never needed it until now.