Line Dimension formatting problem

Is it possible to use string formatting to add an imperial value to a Grasshopper Line Dimension?

How would I have to tweak the formatting so the imperial value is calculated?

The blue Line Dim should sho the same values like the manually placed Rhino dimension with alternative units.

{0:0 mm} [{0:0}"]

If this is not possible with string formatting, I’ll use Elefront.

Can you just use Concatenate to create the text from metric and imperial inputs?

Thanks, this works:

For the sake of understanding the formatting, does anyone have a clue if and how this would be done in a single textfield just with formatting and no additional Grasshopper components?

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You can include operations like division in the expression, eg:
Format("{0:0 mm}, {1:0.0 inches}", x, x/25.4)

Thanks :slight_smile:

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