Limited calls with Rhino Compute?


Im using Rhinocompute locally and a few times I’ve received an error which I want to check if it is related to rhinocompute. The error looks as below, and if I just leave the app be and try again the next day - the error is gone.

Is there any limitations when it comes to amount of calls made by day that causes this error, by any chance? Other ideas?

Thanks ahead.


FetchError: invalid json response body at reason: Unexpected end of JSON input
var Module=typeof rhino3dm!=="undefined"?rhino3dm:{};var readyPromiseResolve,readyPromiseReject;Module["ready"]=new Promise(function(resolve,reject){readyPromiseResolve=resolve;readyPromiseReject=reject});var moduleOverrides={};var key;for(key in Module){if(Module.hasOwnProperty(key)){moduleOverrides[key]=Module[key]}}var arguments_=[];var thisProgram="./this.program";var quit_=function(status,toThrow){throw toThrow};var ENVIRONMENT_IS_WEB=false;var ENVIRONMENT_IS_WORKER=false;var ENVIRONMENT_IS_NODE=false;var ENVIRONMENT_IS_SHELL=false;ENVIRONMENT_IS_WEB=typeof window==="object";ENVIRONMENT_IS_WORKER=typeof importScripts==="function";ENVIRONMENT_IS_NODE=typeof process==="object"&&typeof process.versions==="object"&&typeof process.versions.node==="string";ENVIRONMENT_IS_SHELL=!ENVIRONMENT_IS_WEB&&!ENVIRONMENT_IS_NODE&&!ENVIRONMENT_IS_WORKER;var scriptDirectory="";function locateFile(path){if(Module["locateFile"]){return Mod

Have you tried running the Rhino Compute server yourself? We have documentation on running it locally (handy for testing because you can watch the logs and see if there are any errors) and deploying it to a cloud VM (or similar Windows Server computer).

I wouldn’t rely on our free server for anything other than testing.