Troubleshoot Heroku Build


Our developer has setup a Nodejs stack on heroku and I don’t have access to it, so am not sure what the problem is with this:

Heroku is unstable anyway, but when the app loads, the model is not returned from Rhino Compute. It might a key/config issue, or something else, but I only get a 503 error on the client-side. Any ideas?

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@jm1 can we get any more information on this? What is actually being called in this function?

async function rhinoCall (wall,type,use){
    const apiUrl = `/rhino/${wall},${type},${use}`;
    const response = await fetch(apiUrl);
    const json = await response.json();
    return json;

Without seeing the code behind your /rhino/ endpoint, I’m afraid we can’t be much help.

The errors should be logged by the AppServer, so if you can get access to Heroku you’ll be able to see the cause of the 503.

This is what Heroku will tell you to do if you look at the response from,50,70.

Heroku will also log an error code.