Limitations don't work with a mesh

Hi everyone, I have a problem with my project (I’m new to grasshopper and wasp). I have to create a tower for apartments of different sizes. For it to make more sense, I want to limit the number of parts proportionally to each other. Furthermore, I also want to prevent one of these elements from touching on all four sides with elements of the same category.
Everything works until I introduce the meshes of the tower to make the elements aggregate inside it.
Also, I would like to know if there is the possibility of placing multiple copies of this tower on top of existing buildings, for example by importing a 3d file of a piece of the city into Rhino and automatically placing the towers above the buildings.
Thanks in advance! (69.2 KB)

@re90 as already mentioned on Discord, the main problem with your aggregation is that the dimension of your constraints do not allow enough space for the parts to aggregate. Changing the geometry of your constraints or the size of your parts could help with that.
For placing multiple copies of the tower, you might want to refer to Tutorial #004 of the Wasp#101 series, where it is shown how to position different starting points:
For proportional control between the parts amount, you can use a Part Catalog, which is available in the WIP version of Wasp on Github.
For avoiding overlapping faces, you might use either an additional collider on the part, or the Adjacency/Exclusion constraints available in the Wasp WIP as well.

The problem is that I can’t delete the inner mesh (it’s for the lift and stairs), and if I change the size of the bigger mesh the elements aggregate in more than one row (I need just one row of elements around the inner mesh), but the limitations still don’t work. I’ve used the tutorial on youtube to do a Part Catalog and the Exclusion constraints, they work really well until I add the meshes.

@re90 can you upload your latest file? (69.2 KB)

Yes, that is the problem I mentioned before. According to how you placed the constraints, it is geometrically impossible to place more elements than the ones you placed, and this is because of the layout of connections and the geometry of the components.
What I would suggest is to use a constraint just for the outer shape of the tower, and create an additional Part representing the stairs, which could be placed as the start point…

Ok, thank you so much!