Limit decimal places in lists etc


could someone tell me how to change the amount of decimal places in a panel list.
for example I have a number of points and want to show the X, Y, & Z coordinates in a panel,
the panel would show 14.98425, 3.59612, 0.33598 etc. Is there a way to make the panel show only 3 decimal places.
Also is there a way to only show X&Y



The following is one way, but I’m not sure this is the best…


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Thanks, that’s just what i was looking for.

BTW what is the first component?


Populate2D - populates a rectangular area with a number of randomly distributed points. --Mitch

ahh yes thanks


In the preferences you can change the way all numbers are formatted everywhere. But I’d recommend Mitch’s approach if you’re looking to format specific values for specific consumption.

Thanks David