Lights placed in reflective objects

Disclaimer: I am new to Rhino.

I modeled a simple ‘wall lamp’ with intended reflected surfaces and placed a linear light inside. When rendered, the surrounding solids lose their assigned color and become dark as if sitting in shadows. So I tried viewcapturetofile with 400 passes but the resulting image is very poor or sometimes just a white page. Even after 15 minutes render time. I try putting rectangular lights in there to fill in but that tends to
blot out thew subject even at 30 % intensity…

I’m just experiencing plenty of difference between the working rendered view and any actual render - there really is a lot of waiting time considering you don’t know what’s going to be produced.

I have moved this object from model to model and seems to be effecting whatever file it sits in.
Is this due to cycles?Is it better to use the open CL or the CPU?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

On the Mac CPU will probably be more stable.

Lights in Rhino 6 are hard to control, as they have no light falloff.

Maybe you can upload a simple model with the setup you’re trying?

Untitled 2.3dm (4.6 MB)

this is simple version,

I’ve had similar issues recently with rendering in Rhino, it just seems a bit hit and miss, its hard to be confident with using it, link to recent post below

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Hmm, not sure if what I’m seeing is correct or not. One thing I did was to turn up the polishedness of the metal a bit. Having it so rough as you have with lights in v6 it will appear quite white. With that tuned up a bit this is what I see with just the one light in your armature

Is this not what you get?

Hi , thanks for the support - both technical and moral.

Yes this is the kind of output I get. I started with this. the wall is assigned white.

I’m going to make the metal more smooth for sure.

Directing another light source at the ‘wall’ maintains the assigned colour but compromises the inserted light source effect. A decent combo can be eventually achieved in view capture but the objects aren’t very crisp.

I suppose the issue is sitting through lengthy cycles and building output that doesn’t correlate to the working model.