Lights not rendering, clamped colours?!

Hi all,

I’ve been rendering this scene for some time now, and everything has been working great. I was tweaking some settings yesterday while experimenting with rendering animations, and now this is how the scene renders. Note the linear lights, they are made up of an extruded profile, with an emissive material inside and then an invisible rectangular light sitting just below. Up until now this has rendered as a glowing white light coming from the light fixture, and a soft reflection on the floor. I’ve turned off the settings that I changed yesterday, but for some reason this is still happening.

Any advice on why this is happening would be much appreciated!

EDIT: Please ignore this, for some reason the image shows very differently in the Vray frame buffer, but appeared to be correct when it was uploaded here so not sure what’s going on.

That may be this setting in the vfb:

Ah! Thanks Marc, that’s just cured a headache!

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