Light Refraction and Dispersion

Hi All,
Just curious if anyone has a technique or workflow to create light dispersion and refraction through a clear material like glass or faceted diamond?

As far as I know, there’s no dispersion in Rhino/Cycles. At most, you can create a custom material and play around with the transparency and IOR values for refraction control. The only way I’ve been able to add any glimpse of colour is by using a PBR material, and assigning an environment texture for the base color and tweaking the % and some other settings. Probably with the right image, you can achieve the results you’re after.


The is essentially what we have done in our program with custom material with environmental reflections , the coupled with post affects, you can get close in color and realism. Its not the diamond color that is an issue. It is the refraction and light dispersion that i am trying to achieve. I have seem images where people say they use Rhino Cycles and have achieved a look light refraction passing through an object. Whether it was faked or actual pass-through, I’m not sure. This is why I asked to see if anyone has workarounds or knowhow.

The only dispersion effects from Cycles that I’ve seen are from Blender. Future versions of MG may need to bundle with a 3rd party renderer like GV used to do in the past.