How do I export a license from one computer to the other?


Hi all,
Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!
Note: I was looking at Options ->Licenses



It’s not necessary… If you own the license, you can install Rhino on as many of your own computers as you need. Just use the same license key (the one that came in the box).



Hi Mitch,
I’m using stand alone license. Isn’t supposed to one license on one computer? What I’m trying to do is using Rhino at my place and school so it’s not at the same network. Will it work like you said? (I can’t try it now because I don’t have a laptop yet)



You have a single EDU license? It should work fine. Just use the same license key on both installs. Rhino is one of the few software apps that actually allows same-user multiple installs with the same license.



[quote=“Helvetosaur, post:4, topic:4122”]
You have a single EDU license?
[/quote] Yes.

Thanks for the quick response !


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Hi Kev- A single user license can be installed on multiple computers but can only be in use on one of these at any one time.



Thanks Pascal I’m clear now : )



Yes, I should have been clearer about that, thanks…


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