Event NOT AVAILABLE & Product has a strange ID

Hi All,

I have been compiling usage data from different Zoo servers and came across a couple of things that I can’t find explanations for on the forum or in google searches.

I have some instances where the Event column has “NOT AVAILABLE” in a cell and/or the Product column has a strange ID number in the cell. These cases seem to happen in just a couple of instances surrounded by rows where this hasn’t occurred and not in a large number of instances next to one another.

Thanks for the help,

@brian or @dale:
Any ideas on this?

@brian is this something you know about?

No, I don’t know anything about it. @jwheel811 can you please DM me the full number in that row that starts with 55500?

Brian I sent you the number… below is a screen shot of a Power BI visualization that shows that number showing up at different intervals throughout the past year or so

Hi @brian and @dale … I didn’t think to simply google that number before and after doing so it looks like there is something on the forum that could most likely be related.

Where the solution was “I believe the the solution was McNeel resetting the License Key on their server.”

It looks like @Andres_Jacobo_Gonzal had helped with the above previous issue.

I’m not quite sure how to track down which license(s) we have that may need “resetting.” It isn’t revealed in the Usage Tracking csv files, which is where I found this number.

Any help would be great!