License of rhinoceros

Whats the difference between licence of rhinoceros commercial and rhinoceros corporate?

That one is pirated!

Beware, the newer versions of “pirate Rhino” now say “Commercial” as well. Main way of telling now is when a student checks in with a “commercial” license…

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Interesting. I’ve also seen “Undefined” and “Undefined Undefined”.

Ataramadhan91 earlier post
logo.3dm -
I need help Exporting to Sketchup
shows another twist?
“Rhinoceros 5.0 - Asian Corporate, build 2013-10-09 - (compiled Oct 2 2013)”

Where did you see this?

@furtonb Header via NotePad ++

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Hah! I always learn something new here. I’ve tried opening it with Sublime, no success, TextEdit did the job (I’m on a Mac here). Thanks!