Version of rhino

What is the difference between corporate - commercial - undefined version of rhino?

Hello - which one do you have?


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// Rolf

Commercial version

So, what is the difference??

From my experience (could be I’m wrong), the difference are only on licensing fees.
The function/commands you find in the Edu, Commercial, Lab, Corporate are always the same.

The difference is that “Corporate” and “Undefined” versions are guaranteed to be pracked (pirate) copies, whereas “Commercial” should indicate a legitimate paid version. I say “should” as I have seen some recent cracked copies that are labeled “Commercial” as well. If you bought your license from an authorized source and it’s labeled “Commercial” you’re OK.

Hi Mitch,

Ah, I thought corporate was similar to Lab (a lot of licenses for big companies)… good to know :wink: …

Apparently in the distant past, they did issue some of these types of licenses and that’s how the name got out there. However, to my knowledge, that hasn’t existed for years and years. I heard some mention of the possibility to have a single-key, multi-user commercial license (like a lab license) to make it easier for companies/institutions with large numbers of individual licenses to manage their stock. I don’t know where we are on that, and hopefully they are not going to be labeled “corporate”…

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