Library of graphic symbols 2D for Rhinoceros

Where can I find a library of graphic symbols 2D for architecture and furniture that you can apply in Rhinoceros?

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any autocad symbols will do the job. I use the followings:



hope it helps.

Thanks friend, but the ones that interest me are to be paid! I was looking for a free block …

@davide76 Did you find a good library in the end?

Any recommendations?

I found McNeel’s Rhino 2D Drafting Symbols, but they don’t seem to include standard architectural symbols, such as toilets, bathtubs, etc. for floor plans.

Update: Just invested into the Interior design, doors and windows bundle available on The name of the site is a misnomer, but quality of the blocks looks nice:

Screenshot showing some blocks in Rhino

Other collections such as those by Mensch und Maschine Software SE are targeted at more drafting oriented products such as AutoSketch. Symbols are also available as individual DXF files, but that’s cumbersome to use as there is no preview for DXF in the Rhino file open dialog.

Update 2: I realized that at least some of the blocks from contain a lot of control points:

Screenshot of Rhino viewport with control points visible

Possibly they are digitized versions of printed blocks. The number of control points causes not so nice artifacts when exporting to PDF, and from that to a bitmap, as can be seen on the web site where I placed the images:

Screenshot of blocks in PDF imported into Xara Designer