"Library GhPython Script 0.1 may not be used yet"

So i got this message via email when i tried to upload a gh definition with a few different extremely basic python script comonents in there. I’ve tried to find some documentation on the problem but cant seem to find anything. Am i missing something obvious??

the only other problem that it could be is that i havent compiled my script to be GH components?

see picture for the sort of script components i am running

Thanks for the help in advance and sorry if i’ve missed something obvious.

Could you share a minimal version of your script that produces the issue? It seems that this is simply linked to the version of the Python component you are using, I suspect it is an old version of the Python plugin of Rhino 5. In that case, if you share a model with one simple python script, that should be enough to identify the issue. You could also let us know which version of Rhino/Grasshopper you are using.

Hi Sorry about this.

I think i’v found the problem, i think its my personally created components.

i’ve removed them and tried to upload again.

heres a file with one of the script components in any way just incase

also im running rhino 6, sorry for the lack of info


shapedriver script check.gh (6.8 KB)

I could upload this minimal file to ShapeDiver without problems. However, when I opened it locally I got a series of warnings, including one related to a Rhino 4 reference:

I think you may be using a quite old version of the GhPython plugin that was created for Rhino 4 & 5. If you are using Rhino 6, you should delete this plugin and use the component included in Grasshopper out of the box.

If you send me the ghx version of the minimal script (sorry for not specifying this earlier), I will be able to confirm the issue.


thanks for getting back to me.

ive got my model uploaded now thanks. but thats still quite worrying! i will give rhino and clean reinstall.

thanks for you help again.