Length measurement

Hello, is there a short way to measure the length between the red surface and the wall in rhino?

Have you tried _CrvDeviation?

Alternatively, _Distance will do it it relative to an axis.

I need an edge, a point or a line for what you are saying. I want to click anywhere on the red surface and calculate the length of the lines I show in blue, is that possible?

Of course I can use the distance command or some other measuring tool to intersect the lines and find the length between them. I am looking for a shortcut

As long as they intersect, yes.

I don’t think you can use the actual surface.

There, it looks like you are simply measuring at the point of intersection.
Select the two shapes.


Then you can measure anywhere between the intersection curve and the wall top edge.

It is ridiculous that surfaces cannot be used when measuring in Rhino.
Anyway, thanks for the help

@hunterofrhino The actual surface can be used. Use the OnSrf Osnap for a surface or the OnPSrf Osnap for a polysurface. The are also persistent versions POnSrf and POnPSrf.

Distance command
Move cursor over Osnap bar
Press Ctrl key
Select the surface
Select the desired point on the surface

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Well, there you go. Every day is a school day for me.

Yes, I can select a point on the surface, but I think the other place to measure should be a point on the surface. Can I measure between a point on the surface and a point on the wall that I showed above?

I can get what I want with the OnSrf selection. Thank you.

I have reached a conclusion