Leica Disto for Rhino 3D

Leica disto devices like x3 or x4 combines with DST 360 can be linked with autocad to add real-life survey data directly into CAD software. This is super powerfull tool. I am thinking about quitting autocad for Rhino but can it be done with Rhino3D?

This question should be directed to Leica, as they would be responsible for developing a plugin that works with Rhino.

Just export out an (.e57) and you will be well on your way.

thanks for suggestion. I workined it out by writing simple command line.

See if this is of interest to you:

I am developing a pointcloud Python/C++ script to process pointclouds. It can create elevation, contour and slope maps and show a colored map of the deviation of points from the plane of a wall or floor in a building for use with BIM flow. It only needs the pointcloud XYZ data and can generate the surface normals from that. It is fast, creating a deviation plot for a 10Mpts cloud in 3 sec. This includes reading the cloud from a file. Currently it supports primarily XYZ data files. You would need to use CloudCompare to convert e57 scans to XYZ format before reading in the cloud. Another forum user told me it took Revit hours to create normals and deviation map so this could offer a significant improvement if it takes that long for your scans.

Let me know if this is of interest to you. If so then I would need you to send me some scans (can be e57 format) to test that it works properly for your case. Then I could provide you training in its installation and use. Currently only Windows is supported.


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