Layouts - It may be art but it isn't technical drawing

Fair to say that dimensions, which look reasonable in the model viewports, have taken on overwhelming significance in a new layout viewport…

What causes this mess and how do I fix it (without breaking the dimensions in the model viewports)?


It looks like you have activated enable layout space scaling in your annotation styles but the scale is far to big.

Can you share the file?

Hi @jespizua,

Thanks for the pointer. I was using the default style from the template, which had both model and layout scaling ticked. I had previously overridden the text size in the dimensions rather than altering the styling. When I unticked the layout scaling I got the dimension presentation I expected. When I unticked the model scaling nothing changed though.

I need to read the help file, draw and dimension a simple cube and see how all the settings and styles interact. Another Covid-19 lockdown project!

Thanks for you help

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