Layout (Rhino vs Autocad)

I’ve been using Autocad for Layouts.
When layouts appeared in V4, I had not idea what was it for and exactly what it could do. I didn’t need that feature at the moment, and there was no Webminars at the time.

  1. Where can I find tutorials about it (V5)?
  2. Does it do as good as Autocad?

Joddy, layouts in Rhino are VERY similar to layouts in acad. You create a page size in layout properties, and create detail views. Double click inside the detail views to edit and zoom around that detail. Go to the properties for the detail to ‘lock’ the zoom of the detail once you have it set, this makes editing super easy w/o fear of losing your spot. Each detail can have different shade settings.
Lots more to play with, look them up in the help or google, there are tutorials.

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Thanks for that. A great resource.

Yes, it prompted me to go through this again. I believe I skimmed it a little too quickly the first time! So thanks.

The training staff is in the process of putting together a webinar on Layouts. Stay tuned - you should see an announcement from @mary in the next few days.

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Thanks for asking about Rhino 5 Layouts.
We have a date and time for this now.
Please join us for this presentation.
It will be great to have an interested group.

Title: Introduction to Rhino 5 Layouts

Date: Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Time: 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM PDT

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support & Training
Seattle, WA

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Mary, will the webminar be posted with the other ones for us to watch it later?

The answer is one click away

Thanks for replying.
Yes, it will be recorded, encoded, uploaded to Vimeo and posted here:

We had an scheduling conflict.
So the presentation has changed to March 26 at 9AM PDT.
The video will be posted to the Rhino 5 Live web page by March 27 or 28th at the latest.
If you have not signed up, you can register here

If you did sign up for the presentation, you should have been notified by CITRIX of the schedule change. And your link to join is still good!

Dale Fugier is also doing a presentation on the Rhino 5 Zoo earlier in that week on March 24 9AM PDT. You can find out more on that here. This presentations will be posted to the Rhino News this week.

Kind regards,
Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA