Layout Frustration

Very frustrated. I model 3D in Rhino but do all of my 2D drafting in AutoCAD because no matter how hard I try, I always get slammed by Rhino when it comes to layout.

Can someone explain to me why, when I changed the precision in my dimensions from 1/16 to 1/4 this happened (all of the dimensions to the right are minute, the text is minute, the leaders are minute)?

Changing the precision shouldn’t do anything but round any dimensions below 1/4" to the next closest 1/4".

Tomorrow - back to AutoCAD, again.

I don’t get it to behave like that here - just changing Precision: setting for that dimension style.

I guess that if you would like to see this solved, you’ll have to send in something that is consistently repeatable. Just saying…

You’re right, I was venting.
But the larger problem remains - I can depend on AutoCAD to do exactly as expected day in and day out. I’d like to abandon AutoCAD entirely and just work in Rhino but to get dependable prints out of Rhino seems to be beyond me.
Maybe it’s just me.

That’s because you are far more familiar with the dimensioning tools in AutoCAD, and not in Rhino. They are different (obviously). Using one tool and expecting it to act like another is pretty frustrating. I’ve been there myself.

Sounds like you should keep a copy of AutoCAD around to keep your sanity.
AutoCAD does have better drafting tools since that is the purpose of the software.
For Rhino, drafting is not it’s primary purpose.

Thanks for your reply.
You’re right but I feel like Rhino is 99% on the way to being a complete application for me - an application that I could complete a project in without once having to rely on another program. I’m chomping at the bit to close that last 1%.

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Have you gone through the Layout tutorial?

I believe I have some time ago but I’ll work my way through them again to see if I can gain more control. Thanks for the link.