Layout / MaterialEditor as Tabs instead of new Windows

I´d appreciate to have both the Layout and the MaterialEditor window as a Tab, besides the Tabs for the 4 Views.

It could be an option in the settings to choose from.

I think this would be useful as I´m mostly working in a fullscreen window, and when choosing either of the features, the Fullscreen Desktop moves everytime, adding another fullscreen window.

This gets a bit distracting.

Interesting. I agree this would be useful. Logged in MR-2787.

The new macOS Sierra will have more “native” support for tabs that OS X currently supports. We will look into whether or not this system might lend itself to tabs of multiple views into the same document.

As I’m trying the beta right now it seems tabs are for new files.

Then there would be files tabs and view tabs. Be sure to implement this right, or users would get irritated all day.

Maybe you’ve just to make a “totally” different visual clue to clearly differentiate between “these” and “those” tabs.