Layout Leaders Randomly Invisible!

Ok so this is a MAJOR inconsistency in R6. We are working deadlines here and our leaders randomly disappear on us on multiple machines. I can still select them by layer as well as on the command line but no properties come up and i simply cannot see them. They show up on some layouts but not others. Layers are on… Im really at a loss for words. Please please fix this bug or help me find a solution.

On another note, your layer states are bugging out completely on restarts. Even after saving they do not hold. Im lucky to get them to work while im in the current session.

Urgently awaiting a response.

Thank you!

This sounds like something I just fixed last week. You may want to try our daily build of SR12. We will start officially shipping SR12 release candidates next week, but this may keep you up and running by then.


Thanks for this! It seems to be working. I really appreciate the quick response. and I know that updates are coming regularly.

Ill let you know if this holds up!

Thanks again

That’s great to hear, sorry about the inconvenience in the first place