Laying down assemblies for CNC machining

I’m building cabinets for kitchens, I’ve created base components and now I need to lay them down as 2D lines for CNC machining in the correct position for grain direction, nesting and right side up for the CNC all using grasshopper.
Can anyone help
PS if someone will explain, I’ll post the grasshopper cabinet I’ve done

fabtools plugin is the quickest way to get up to speed on these matters. Rhino 5 still i believe.

Download and I’m digging in thanks Rickson

There are a lot of notable issues you will run into, depending on how you create the geometry. I would upload what you’ve got to get additional responses and forthcoming help.

base cabinet (12.2 KB)
here is the upload

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The brep representations you made are great but looking to extract a particular surface, in a particular direction with additional info as well. – 4 point surfaces would be much easier to control in this case. Building up your 2D layout on that plane and then orienting to corresponding planes on the xy. I would also start looking at the elefront plugin as well, this will provide you the ability to use attributes, bake and export to autocad as individual files.

Hi Rickson,
awesome help, I can see the value of elefront right away
The kitchen building process is a complicated and stupid one.
First you model the kitchen and present it to architect or designer to prove you understand the design intent.
then you wait for the building to be ready and most often the case, you resize your kitchen for what the contractors have actually built, Then the parts can be sent to the CNC for cutting and assembly.

Hi, the cabinet I sent is dumbed down with a lot of elements missing like stop dados or dowel pin holes or lamalows depending on the cabinet makers preferred method of construction.

oh, i’m familiar with the process – on a bit larger scale.

3D PDF of one of my kitchens

your work looks great

good to see a structural steel guy in Rhino

yeah, i actually have to remove the image, possible issues with the arch i would rather avoid.

Elefront is the way to go, here are some tutorials straight from the source.

i understand,

same same for the kitchen I sent

if you have the kitchen, I’ll remove

I checked it out, radius cabinets are fun i bet.

the doors are corian, formable thermoplastic
If we are using skins, veneer, it’s built over kerfkore or rubberply