LayerState questions

Something else, which is somewhat related:
Layer States. Applying one is not undo-able. This would be desirable!

Since you rework the Layer panel - any plans to bless the Layer States panel as well?
Because the area with all the checkboxes makes this panel unnecessary tall, which is a waste of screen real estate when the Layer State panel is placed below the Layer panel (which is otherwise comfortable).

A few years ago I made a wish for this already. Took the opportunity to do so again.

Hi Eugen -

Somewhat related but different enough to warrant a new thread.

Would that be in a situation where you forgot to save an important state and then restored a saved state?

What do you suggest should be done with the checkboxes?

Fair enough, thanks!

Yes, exactly.
Toggling layers in the Layer panel is undo-able, of course. Applying Layer States toggles layers (or changes layer properties). So logically, it should be undo-able, too.

1 - make them scroll-able together with the rest of the Layer State list
2 - or, put them in some kind of sub-panel that can be folded in/out
3 - or, put them in a popup-menu in some icon.

Maybe option 1 would be the nicest. Just like the Properties Panel scrolls the whole content, when it becomes too small.

Hi -

Got it - RH-69031

I’ve put that enhancement request on the list as RH-69033.


RH-69031 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 21

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Are layer states broken in 8.0.22361.13135? Nothing happens when storing a layer state, then changing layer visibility and clicking restore.

Came across this because I wanted to see if something has changed about RH-69033.

Thank you!

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Hi Eugen -

In the current inhouse build, something happens but it’s not quite right.
RH-72222 LayerStateManager: Doesn’t restore correctly

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RH-72222 is fixed in the latest WIP