Layers - Menu list - Sort by Name not working


I’m using Version 5 SR8 64-bit

A recent bug that has crept in stops me sorting the Layers by name in the Layers Box, or what ever the correct name is.

Sometimes I can use it, sometimes it does not work.

Anyone else had this problem ?


Hi John- so, just to take the simplest case for now - if you make layers called A, B, C, E , F & G and move them around, and then sort by clicking at the top of the layer name column, it gets it wrong? That simple test works here…



When I click the “Name” label in Layers, nothing happens.

As I said this happens more often than not.

I have just opened a new blank drawing created a series of blank layers, moved them around – no luck.

I then reset the toolbars to default and restarted Rhino

Still no luck, clicking “Name” is not working



Hi John - is there any action at all in the column header itself, like does the little up/down triangle to the left of the word 'Name" flip directions, or is it just as though you had not clicked on the ‘Name’ header at all? I am somewhat grasping at straws here since I have not heard of this… it almost seems like there is a utility of some kind running and getting in the way of mouse clicks. If you right click on the same header, do you see the context menu of available columns?


It’s possible the column sort got turned off. Click the tools icon (hammer) in the layers palette and make sure there is a check mark next to ‘column sort’ at the bottom to be able to order by name, material, etc.

IIRC many people wanted a way to avoid accidentally ordering all the layers by mis-clicking on a column title, since there is no undo to get the previous order back. I leave column sort off, myself! Maybe a different name than column sort might be clearer…

Ah - good call! But, on the other hand, it seems only to happen sometimes… I’d expect either all the time or never, but let’s see what John finds there.



Thanks Pascal. I think sorting is on by default, and agreed it doesn’t make sense for it to be occasional. It was my only guess though. :smile: