LayerBook vs Layer State Manager

The Layer State Manager is a pretty powerful tool I’ve been using to control files with hundreds of layer/sub-layers. I am wondering if the Layerbook can function similar to the Layer State Manager where each state of the book is turning on a variable amount of layers/sub-layers -or- if you have to structure your file to get each state in the Layerbook into a single layer that is in numerical sequence (as shown in the example file).

Sometimes it can be hard to create such a flat/sequential layer structures (as seen in the LayerBook example) when you are depending on the layers to control materials and/or other parameters/characteristics within each unique layer.

Hi @coby,

LayerBook is not a replacement for the Layer State Manager. Its just a tool for assisting in slide shows or presentations.

– Dale

Got it-- I guess I’ve done this a lot using the Human GH functions to set up a slide show like this. but It’s a nice feature to have natively. Thanks for the clarification on the feature intent.