LayerState Manager - Open source?

Dear devs,

Where could I find the source code of the LayerState Manager? Not even sure if this is open source tbh. I would like to adapt the manager to handle the following:

  • Only change a certain amount of layers, don’t do anything with the rest
  • Add some logic on how to deal with ‘new’ layers (considering a standard layer template)
  • Make sure I can change the properties of layers with identical names (but different parentl layers) with the same line in the .Lay file

It’s might be better to write this from scratch, but just curious to see what is already available.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

Kind regards,

Rolf H

Sorry, this is not open source.

– Dale

Okay thank you for the update.
I’ll will start building it myself. Couldn’t find anything that came close sadly.