Layer State issue

Many thanks Travis

Can I just report an other “bug” not related at all to slow print command

I’ve experienced a problem with “Layer state Management”
As in SU, scenes can be set to keep the layer state / display / shadow settings / hidden objects, and so on.

So I’m using
1st Layer state Management to save them
2nd Snapshots to save scenes attached to these Saved states

But the Layer states that are at 1st correctly saved and restored are further on completely messed up, in fact set to all layers on…

Should I try to reproduce this behavior, and where should I post this issue ?

Thanks again
I am extremely pleased to see how reactive all of you are, and how kind and efficient all the users are

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Dear Travis

I found out why the layer management is quite “strange”
Try it


  • set some layer of and some on, save this sate to the layer manager (let’s say “MYstate”)
  • set on all layers
  • restore previous state (“MYstate”) from layer manager
    All seems ok


  • set all layers on
  • in layers tab filter listed layers by name, and choose to display (in the layer list) only very few of them
  • keep the layer tab as it is (don’t remove filter)
  • go to layer manager tab
  • restore the saved layer state (“MYstate”)
    Nothing seems OK :slight_smile:
    Only the filtered (list of layers in the layer tab) will show up

I don’t think this behavior is done on purpose.
Or if it is, it’s quite awkward.
You don’t expect the filtered list of layer displayed in the layer tab to affect the displayed layers on the view

Hope I was clear.


Sorry I though I needed to add some comments.
But no…

@Karim_tabbara It is preferable to start a new thread to report a problem or ask a question which is not directly related to the original topic of a thread.

Hi Karim -
As David noted, please start new threads for different issues.
I’ve moved your posts to this new thread.

Thanks, I see that there is something going on here. I’m not necessarily getting the same result as what you write but I’m starting with this one:
RH-77719 LayerStateManager: Model On state is not restored

Hi Wim

I’ts just unbelievable to see how efficient all of you are.
I never had such an experience in S… forum (not to be named - no harm)

I’ll follow up your new thread
Many thanks

Actually, I’m looking at all the multiple print settings that are confusing me.
Colors and widths by Layer / Object Parent / Defined in display mode ? / section …
More to know, layer manager states do save Layout print settings - So one must not forget to set them back, or create AND update the corresponding View or snapshot.
Not very easy to understand but so powerful !

Is there any post / video / documentation related to all those options ?