Layer problems with templates

Hopefully someone out there can help me, I have two problems that im stuck with here, one perhaps quite easy and one, not so much…

First: I’m not a native Rhino user but I’m trying to set up a colleagues Mac based Rhino ver 5.3.1 with a standard template for work. I’ve made up the template in AutoCAD 2016 (my native package) opened the DWG in Rhino and saved as a 3DM. Then set it up as a template file for when he opens a new drawing.

For some reason his version/setup of Rhino wont show the layers in Alphabetical order (its setup up with numbered layers for ease of use, which is quite inmportant for us) and theres no toggle option at the top of the layer window in the name column.

Any ideas?

Second: This one may be slightly trickier, When My colleague has finished with a new file in our template and saves it as a DWG the majority of the layers dissappear when I open the file in CAD. I’ve tried all the different export options regarding DWG settings (arcs and lines / natural etc…) but get the same problem every time.
I regularly make changes to the DWT template we use so in an ideal world I’d like to be able to have the DWG template I use in CAD be the same Template file (i.e. DWG/DWT not 3dm) as his in Rhino but am assuming this isnt possible. Unless it is I’m content to update the Rhino template separately but need to find the answers to these two problems at the very least.



i guess this one slipped through. sorting the layers is still not implemented. here a thread which talks about this issue and here the bugtracker, it seems we have to wait till version 6. and yes i also would like to have that. thats actually so standard that i wonder how we survived so long without it.

for im/exporting the layers, i think that sublayers get merged automatically, at least exporting from mac rhino i dont see anything to prevent this… i opened it in illustrator and also in mac rhino. regular layers should not be missing. that would be a serious bug.

setting up the same templates which are usable for autocad and rhino would be probably an important aspect for rhino to integrate into a mixed environment. @John_Brock what do you think?

There are a variety of bugs related to Layer sorting in the system currently listed as “6.x” meaning they will not be in the initial 6.0 release, but the developer thinks they will get into a V6 service release.
After V6 Windows ships, the Mac development will be shifting over to the shared V6 code base so any work will show up in both Mac and Windows Rhino.

I can’t speak to a template that would help with Rhino and DWG/DXF.

thanks John. i know its going to take some time still but i really long to nibble on the fruits of all the work which was put into the new version. i believe the OP is not going to show up here anymore, but generally those topics are pretty important. autocad is just such an established application, that i even lost a job opportunity because i undiplomatically persisted on preaching how well rhino could be implemented… which it actually could i think but then having such layer issues is not helpful to make this happen… something to consider i hope.