Layer change issue

I made a model and did the “Made2D” command but was unable to change the layers from the command. I tried to change the color and it wouldn’t change but I am able to change it to dashed lines. When i go to print the color does not show up.

Hi Alexandra - what do you mean exactly? Is this what you are trying to change, the parent layer name?


Hello! I am trying to change the line color to gray but it stays at black.

Hi Alexandra - Does the layer indicate a color change in the layer dialog? Note that print color is not necessarily the same as display color -


in the Print dialog you get to choose.



I printed in print display as site layer and it shows up as black (the dashed site lines).

It should be as light as the trees

Hi Alexandra -
I am assuming this is in Rhino 7?
In a very quick test, that seems to work fine here:

Rhino Print Preview:

Resulting PDF:

Please post a 3dm file that we can take a closer look at. Just the “site” layer would be fine.