Latest update broke functionality in grasshopper WIP6

Just updated to 6.11.18. Grasshopper now makes the Mac alert sound when I press the space bar to access the bake button (originally the only working way to bake in wip6). I am also getting the alert sound when trying to delete a component in grasshopper. This makes GH pretty unusable.

Not sure if there’s any coincidence with the updates but I also updated Rhino 5 for Mac today and none of the preview or bake features are showing. Not sure which version to use now :joy:

2017 MBP 13" w Touch Bar, Mac OS Mojave

It appears I can access the spacebar menu by pressing fn + command + space and I can delete a component using fn + delete key.

I see the same problems.

I also noticed (not sure of previous behavior) that the File > Recent Files menu item shows garbled results that seem to be some kind of icon, but it’s unreadable.

The next WIP will have a major overhaul of Grasshopper and likely many fixed bugs along with many regressions. I’d like to retest this stuff once that is “in the wild.” More info on that soon.

Just updated to 6.11.18303… Hope this is the right thread.
Stumbled upon the new navigation using two-finger-trackpad methods as in Rhino for Mac, which is great!

I see the following issues in Grasshopper:

  • two-finger drag left/right now works to navigate the canvas, but the movement is very choppy, sometimes my input is ignored for seconds, then picks up again.
  • two-finger pinch now works to zoom in and out, but the navigation is not consistent with the counterpart in rhino viewports. The point to zoom in should determined by the mouse pointer. At the moment the zoom center is somewhere non-intuitive.

Additionally, and more importantly, I cannot select components on the canvas. Nor right-click, nor double-click, …

For now, Grasshopper is not usable for me in MacWIP6.

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I’ve filed this as RH-49265.

Noticed the same thing and thanks for marking the issue. To provide additional info, I have noticed the inability to interact with grasshopper has something to do with which window I am in.

If I open grasshopper, I can select stuff.
If I go back to rhino and do something like select an object, then return to grasshopper, I can’t select anything.

To expand on this, I notice grasshopper seems to act like you have its window open over rhino. For instance, when you reference a brep, the grasshopper window disappears. This makes sense for that use case but I commonly use rhino and grasshopper in the Mac full screen mode, sometimes with one on each of my two monitors. When selecting a brep, this results in the grasshopper window turning completely black during the selection process. Sometimes selection gets wonky afterwards as well.

Not sure if this is crucial but it is very noticeable.

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The issue with trackpad manipulating breaking, well, the entire UX should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP.

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Great! Thanks for the update.