Latest update won't run

(Chris Kuether ) #1

This morning after a cold restart, Rhino5 installed the ‘latest’ update. Now it won’t even start.

Where do I go to shoot the trouble?


(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #2

Maybe also

(Chris Kuether ) #3

I was able to delete the Rhino_DotNet.dll. Now I can’t figure out how to ‘repair’ the installation. Tomorrow I’ll bring the disc, just do a full reinstall…


(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #4

In Control Panel go to “Programs and Featurs”. You should get a long list of installed programs. Locate Rhino and in the upper part of the window there should be “Uninstall/Repair” or similar button.
Then, choose “repair installation”.

(Chris Kuether ) #5

Thanks, Menno. It says it’s configuring, 41 seconds to go…GOOD! we got the splash, and seems to be running normally.

(Chris Kuether ) #6

AND… I’ve even got my aliases and custom stuff again.

[all I had to do was figure out how to get the toolbars back – inadvertently deleted them just before the prev shutdown…]

Back to Happy!!


(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #7

Glad I could help.