Latest update won't run

This morning after a cold restart, Rhino5 installed the ‘latest’ update. Now it won’t even start.

Where do I go to shoot the trouble?


Maybe also

I was able to delete the Rhino_DotNet.dll. Now I can’t figure out how to ‘repair’ the installation. Tomorrow I’ll bring the disc, just do a full reinstall…


In Control Panel go to “Programs and Featurs”. You should get a long list of installed programs. Locate Rhino and in the upper part of the window there should be “Uninstall/Repair” or similar button.
Then, choose “repair installation”.

Thanks, Menno. It says it’s configuring, 41 seconds to go…GOOD! we got the splash, and seems to be running normally.

AND… I’ve even got my aliases and custom stuff again.

[all I had to do was figure out how to get the toolbars back – inadvertently deleted them just before the prev shutdown…]

Back to Happy!!


Glad I could help.