Latest build of Grasshopper for Rhino WIP

I have downloaded the latest WIP for rhino 7 (7.0.20154.14355, 06/02/2020) however I’m not sure this has given me access to the latest build of grasshopper. This is important for visual studio and Rhino.Inside assembly resolver . If anybody could point me in the right direction would be appreciated grasshopper version

Grasshopper is build and shipped as part of the WIP so it’s the latest version by definition.

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The date looks funny though, maybe a bug in the date building code?


However I wonder if you could help me with this error from visual studio or maybe @fraguada can as I am trying to add a Nuget Package to some code. The error is as follows

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error Unable to find a version of ‘Grasshopper’ that is compatible with ‘Rhino.Inside 0.2.0 constraint: Grasshopper (>= 7.0.20007.12535-wip)’.