Last update broke Grasshopper

Hi all.

I have some pretty big project going on.

Usually I did open my .3dm to launch Rhino 8 and then drag-and-drop over the .gh file.
Grasshopper opening my .gh now crashes.
Opening only the .gh file also crashes.
Opening GH , disabling solver, then loading my .gh file prevent the crash, but then re-enabling the solver crash again.

I tried with 2 weeks old file, they crash too (but i did work with them no problem).

I have not installed new plugins.

I guess the problem lies in the last update 8.8(?)

What to do?
How to revert back to previous SR?
This is urgent :cold_face:

The current service release is 8.7. if you want to roll back from the 8.8 release candidate, uninstall rhino and then download the current version.

The release candidate can be a bit cutting edge for big project work. We have updated 8.8 from Tuesday to fix the problem. But still, release candidates can be a bit rough.

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… oh it is a known problem? … good…

Yes, I went from
8.8.24135.14001, 2024-05-14
8.7.24134.3001, 2024-05-13

And now I can open my project… thanks.

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