Lasso tool isn't working on iMac newest update?

Hi i’m trying to lass groups both left and right and its not working ? Any ideas ?

Many thanks


the function is not yet implemented. here you go a list click, not sure how accurate it is
i believe a few where checked but lasso is sure not there yet.

The list is up-to-date (or should be as of 11/03/2016) :wink: I trust you’ll let me know if you find a discrepancy.

dont count on it, i am not checking it daily :wink:
or was that a job offer :smile:

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Um sorry Dan I think that the original question was worded incorrectly,

The click and drag right to select any part touched and click and drag left to select any part completlycovered does not work ?

Does that make sense ?

Basically I can’t group select ?



maybe you are talking about this: go to preferences, mouse, Click and drag, there you can set if it shall drag right away without marking it first or if only marked objects can be dragged.

if and thats the only thing i could think of why it would not work in your case, you have the object drag threshold set way too high like over 200 or whatever then it might not drag anymore properly at higher numbers it even occurs that it ignores it completely.

in case you are talking about that you cant even select things then i also dont know.

Hi Glenn - is this true of any group, starting from scratch in a new file, make some stuff group it…?


Hi Pascal Sorry for the late reply.

It was on an file built in the previous wip.

Works fine now on all files including the one it was originally playing up in so hopefully sorted.

Ill be it touch if it glitches again.


Glenn Marsh