Large File Management

Maybe this is a wish list item but…

Is there any way do display multiple files together? For example, open a file containing a room in a house for editing. Then open a file containing the house structure for read only but be be able to see the house structure for editing the room.

My problem is that I have some files with about 100 separate layers. This is difficult to work with. Moving something from one layer to another is particularly tough with giant drop down.

In fact I would like to overlay components from the separate files.

In my case, the large files are all 2-D drawings so I am not seeing any performance difficulties.

This appears to be describing what I am looking for:

However, (1) it does not explain the process and (2) further reading suggests this (attaching files) is a Windoze-only feature.

Hey, did you try using the Insert command? You can add other files by inserting them as linked blocks!
I would also highly suggest watching this video, all of the commands work except WorkSessions

Correct. Worksessions are not in Mac Rhino.
There’s a problem because of the Mac requirement that all applications support having multiple documents open for editing at the same time.
In Windows Rhino, we can avoid those issues with one file open in one instance of Rhino running. We can keep things sorted that way.

Inserting a file using the Link option should bet you pretty close.

Is there some way to control what layers get imported?

In my files I have the layers containing the things I want to share and layers containing the things used to built the things I want to share (layers that I don’t want to share). If I include the latter I have more layers than ever before.

For my first test of this, I imported a file (linked) that happened to include block.

Problem Import.3dm (3.6 MB)
So I wanted to clear out everything and start over. So I deleted the linked block.
Then I discovered this other block had been imported.

But when I try to delete that block I get this.

I can;'t find any way to clear everything out of the file (let alone clear out all individual undesirable imports)

That is good question, I don’t know that…
Maybe try to keep a good layer structure and just hide unused parent layers!

Hi -

When you close and then reopen that document, that block definition should be gone. It’s a bug that we have on our list as RH-29498. I’ve added this thread to its list.

No, there isn’t.