Manage techniques for larger 3dm files

I am seeking advice to allow my large 3dm files to function more quickly. I have been working on a skyscraper and a large office building. Naturally when I add in details in these 300,000 + sf monsters they get sluggish. Any tips? Complex massing seems fine, but when I get down to details my computer (newish MacBook Pro with 16gb ram slows down). I believe I can use blocks but don’t really know if that will help. Should I separate the files? I have been doing this workflow, but would love to have everything under one roof.

My friend using sketchup was managing a massive file on a slower computer at impressive speeds.

What are the techniques ?

Thank you

Hi Erik - both blocks and separate files are good ways to tackle this- blocks will be handy if you have many repeated items, like windows or doors etc. Splitting out different files and assembling them in a Worksession will help if it is reasonable to split out the file into different subsystems that it makes sense to work on separately at times. (Structure/Cladding/Plumbing/HVAC for instance)


Using blocks and meshes instead NURBS. Also try to show less lines as possible at the screen - hide unneeded curves and isocurves. General Rhino isn’t build for complex scenes yet.

Thank you for these helpful comments. Blocks are helping and I had all but forgotten about hiding the curves. Looking into splitting into work sessions as well.