Laptop recommendation

Thanks to everyone, many good feedback so far. I had Dell, HP and Lenovo’s thinkpads and all of them where pretty good quality wise. I always had a workstation/Quadro card, as mentioned maybe a waste of money for Rhino use??
In another forum here aronfini mentioned his Dell XPS15 9560, got 27000 in the holomark 2 benchmark, which is pretty good for a laptop in this priceclass. My current machine (Zbook G3, M2000 Quadro) only got abt. 24000 in this benchmark- and i can do even quite fast render (only Flamingo, maybe replaced by Octane soon).

I looked in the Aero 15x as per Toshiaki_Takano tip, it’s a real monster machine spec wise (GTX1070 8GB GPU…) and cool design- the only shame it’s not available with Touchscreen. If someone doesn’t need this feature for sketching/ design, its top of the list.

Anorther interesting machine was the Razer Blade Gaming Laptop which also got good specs, incl. touchscreen and acceptable design, but the quality/ service seams an issue as per customer reviews.

For the XPS 15, the touchscreen is only available with the 4K screen. Otherwise I would also prefer the standard 1080p version, for battery life etc.

In the moment I consider:

  • Dell XPS 15 9560 45W HQ type precessors, GTX1050, 4GB), abt. 2000€
  • new Dell XPS 15 9575 2-in-1 (65 W!! Quad-Core CPU G-type, integrated AMD Radeon RX Vega, 4GB, but available from Q1/ 2018)- similar to GTX 1060! GPU as per hitenter comment
  • new Microsoft Surface book 2 15 inch, real 2-in-1 case design (GTX 1060 with 6GB, but 8th generation 15W quad core processor U-type ) USA 2900$ and available from today in most of europe, but for whopping abt. 3300€ ->

,and professional workstations with Quadro M1200 graphic card (roughly equal M2000M)

  • Dell Precision 5520 (workstation version of XPS 15)
  • HP ZBook 15 Studio G4

or with Quadro M2200

  • Dell Precision 7520
  • HP ZBook 15 G4
    But this above workstations costs min. 600-800€ more (incl. touchscreen), compared to a highest spec laptop like XPS15 9560!

Is still go upto 2months to select a machine. Maybe others got more time.
Does someone use the dell precision machines mentioned above?

Do you really see an advantage in the Quadro- GPU based workstations, for Rhino?

Lenovo ThinkPad P50 review:
(Thinkpads are heavier than other laptops because they are built like tanks - they have protective cage.)

What did you end up buying, and are you happy with your decision?

review of ThinkPad P51 laptop:
(Thinkpads are thicker than other laptops because they have powerful cooling systems.)
Thinkpads are almost indestructible:

What Computer did you get. I am looking at the Dell 2-1 as well. I have the same requirements as you. I am also a yacht designer, and i need the computer to be my desktop replacement.

I just got my HP 15.6" ZBook Studio x360 G5 Multi-Touch 2-in-1 Mobile Workstation. I work with very large rhino models, it works great

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Finally I got a Dell precision 5520 ( i7-7820HQ Prozessor ,15" Ultra-HD 16:9 Touch LED
Display, in a high quality 14’’!! housing, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, NVIDIA Quadro M1200 Grafik (4096 MB)…

This works fine for me, it can handle even 200mb large models/ worksessions incl. loads of 2D geometry. Renderspeed in Flamingo is ok, but not supersonic.

I can recommend this machine, and there is also a newer version the 5530…

hi, I am also look for a laptop.
can you share your spec in detail?

do you have any problem to run or install the display card?
Did the hybrid display card cause you any problem?

or do you still need to go through the disable intel on broad display card problem?


Im looking for laptop to meet my needs and Im completely lost.

Im working with Rhino 5 most of the time (because of AD shape modelling / VSR plugin) , but I have Rhino 6 as well.

Im working with big files, combination of surfaces and scans, files 200 - 500 MB or even more are pretty common.
Rendering is not priority.

I also dont care about monitor size or battery as I plan to use it with external monitor/keyboard/mouse.

Thanks for any advice.