Language of the website

I’dd rather work in english, being in the french area of switzerland.
It works fine but I cannot keep the rhino -visualarq-whatever link website in english, it switch always to french.
I turned my preference to english

doesn’t make any difference.
what else should I do?


Try this:

Right mouse click on the page.
I have an option to “Translate to English”:
Click it
Click on Options and then Change languages:

Any luck?

well, it has nothing to do with a browser translator, it is rather the rhino site that forces to switch into the browser langage. I can’t remember how to force the website to stay in english

How about this?:

this is what I do. Then I go to another page and it switch again
and again
and again
nothing catastrophic, just very boring

I just checked with the Bigger Brains.
They say the Rhino web site checks the language you have set in your Browser, and uses that when you visit

The only way to “make it stick”, is to change the default language your Internet Browser is using.

well my rhino life is in english but not the rest of it :sunglasses:
I understand the basic “local” option but as soon as you switch to another language, it should stay in it
I understand what the webdesigner did but I call that a bad choice

Based on my conversation with them, I think you’re mistaken.
I’m not aware of any mechanism to select a language based on a domain name.

Do you have an example of a Web site that acts like you described?

well, there are many sites that allow you to choose another language, often with little national flags.
Once you have picked, let’s say italien and you navigate through the pages, it stays in italien, it does not switch back to the browser language
but I don’t want to argue, it is just annoying. You really want a king to a multi language site?

sorry a link

I really do. Then maybe I can look at the HTML code in my browser and figure out how they made a language preference stick.
I’m not making any promises about the Rhino site, just gathering information that is different from what I was told.
Maybe it’s something we can fix.

Is it worth diverting a developer from working on Rhino to make this sort of change?
How much of a problem is this for you?

ok, here is a site of a window’s producer.

on the botom of the page you have a language choice

switch to german (de) and navigate, you’ll stay in german

it chaged the link automatically
it is

As I said it is just annoing, not a big problem for me

I think I see what they are doing. They are using “cookies” to store and “remember” preferences like that.

Try this:
Go to the Rhino site, click on the language option, then Right-mouse click on English, and choose the option to Open link in new Tab.

Add that URL to your Favorites.
See if using that gets to you English in a single click.
It might just work and without using Cookies.

I really have no skills at all into web design
just use to browse a lot of multi language sites

I’ll try but I think I already did something like that I added /en/ to the url into my favorite
It worked the first time, then swiched again.
sorry, it’s lat ein Switzerland, I have to live.
Anyway thanks to care :sunglasses:

can try some of the translating Plugins for various websites

thanks but I don’t want to retranslate an English domain translated in french, I just want the original domain.
I give up, I’ll click the button each time

FWIW I also think the website should remember the language choice made by the user in their preferences of the site.