Language independent categories

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I’m working on a definition and due to complex circumstances, I have to work with Revit installed in several languages.
My surprise is that I used some panels to identify a category selector and discovered that the category name (I guessed hard-coded in the system) changes with the language you start the program in.
Is there a way to bypass this thing and define a kind of universal name, perhaps as Rhino when we use the underscore and type english commands?
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Hello @arquitextonica Thank you and same to you :smiley:
Grasshopper Category picker components store the value based on the cateogry unique id which is different from the name of that cateogory. So for example if you’d use the category picker to choose the Walls category in english, and then open this definition in a German Revit, the component would show Wände (walls) and would still output the same cateogry.

Let me know if you are seeing bugs and share the definition that is causing it please so I can replicate

Thanks! Then my mistake was using a panel for the category name. If I use a picker it should be solved. Thanks!!

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